No Sharing Of Thrones

There is nothing wrong,
If someone has accepted who they are.
That's to be commendable.
To put down others,
Because they are not accepting of who we are...
From our point of view.
And we choose to enforce our ways upon them...
Creates friction.
And perhaps a little 'fiction' about life itself.

I don't have to welcome anyone in my home,
If I don't want them in it.
And I care less what they look like.
What they have or who they know.
Within the boundaries I call 'home'...
There is no sharing of thrones with time limits given.
Or discussions to debate on what I find acceptable!
Not within my space to agitate.
If I aint feeling it...
It will be known!

Nipped in the bud and ended.
That's it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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