New Beginning

I hope you will find a love,
So big, so deep, so pure.
Your previous loves have made you weak,
And the new one should be your cure.
You are an incredible woman,
And you deserve someone like you,
But you made some very bad choices,
Unfortunately this is sad but true.
Life is unpredictable,
Some believe that there is a fate,
But I think that everyone has a choice,
You only need to keep the faith.
Love is a strange thing,
Wakes the best and the worst in man.
No matter how strong you are,
You can be hurt again and again.
I know that you haven’t changed,
But you feel some kind of fear.
You have to move on with your life,
And these are the words you need to hear.
You have to forget all bad things,
And remove scars from your heart.
Leave the past behind you,
It’s time for fresh new start.

by Nemanja Pavlovic

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