No Sight...

I look and look but theres no sight,
No sight of the love that once gave a fight.
I tried and tried till the days broke cold,
Till the moss on the tree turned to mold,
Everyday was yet another challenge of pain,
But everyday it always turned out the same,
I give up, I don't wanna try,
But in the end i know its just a lie,
I can't let go like a kitten to her mother,
Like a newborn sister is to her brother,
The love is unbreakable of shouts that squeal,
Until the lovers death of the never ending kill,
I try to follow you everyday to be in your path,
but i get lost threw all my loves wrath,
The wrath that never ends nor sleeps,
But carries on and finds me when it peeps,
I follow till the night gets unbearable,
Just hoping that I am spare-able,
So then i lie down to sleep to find that your not there,
So i lay and give my wall the stare,
The stare that i once had when i looked into your eyes,
But now you can't even look into my eyes cause it makes you cry,
Nothing ever made sense and it forever will,
But all we can do is just say how we feel.
It's never over till its over i say,
So I'll just have to try another day.

by david winkler

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