No Signs Of Turning Around

Many are discovering their thoughts and beliefs...
Have been totally prefabricated,
To sustain delusion based fantasies.
And entertained for humor purposes...
By those creating their own opportunities.
And doing this successfully...
With the power of deceit.
And the teasing of greed.

Shocked and dismayed by the truth that is.
Some have never experience...
The value of reality.
Or an honesty known...
Shown by one who around them lives.

And this economic meltdown...
Has no signs of turning around at all.
Even those who pray with faith...
They will be saved.
With a hope that these days,
From them will be erased.
Are in for a traumatic wakeup call!
When they realize their entire lives...
Have been fantasized and faked!
To keep them blinded,
For an eventual downfall!

'That's pure BS and utter nonsense! '

Is it?
When was the last time Minnie or Mickey Mouse..
Paid 'you' a visit?
And you have sat with empty pockets,
To ensure your children sit quietly...
To pay attention to animated animals speak,
And teach intelligently
About the aspects of human life.
Either at the movies or in front of a TV!

'That's entirely different! '

Then why is truth so feared?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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