No, Society's The Bully

Poem By Dexsta Ray

Dirty dactylogram
On society's candid turpitude through
The satanically inclined working hand
Discerning ruse, through a dactyl...
The prosody
Actors, masons, speakers and... alky
For a lot of these nights
It's alright
For this was just a mighty fight of the moment
And this wasn't to decide who was strongest
I can see it looking...
From the bushes! Are there molotovs left?
Just kidding, with my protestant self
But I will tell you
What a set up when involving a christian
I'm a liar for not telling people all of my business
And I'm stupid when I'm wrong
And I'm off when I'm...
I just care about my soul but you calling it switching
And my good-hearted nature makes me fake
And I'm weird because we just don't relate to things the same
And I'm lame because I'm banking on greater things than fame
And I'm shady for observing and staying out the way
It's a crazy time...
And I'm fine just as long as I get love from mine
Let me shine, tell society
And you don't have to do what's cool in human's eyes to be real
Because that's satan... anybody talking down of satan
And anybody looking round' and trying to clown of satan
And I'm not important if I haven't really made it
And I never had a fortune but for all I have I'm grateful
Praise the Lord...
Society hates them for thinking different
It hates them even more than before if they are christian
In the scripture...
John chapter fifteen and verse nineteen
You can even do the right thing
It doesn't matter
Oh, society's a joke... fingerprinted by satan
So no matter where you go there's resentment and hatred
What I'm saying...
I'm forever fighting this fully
Don't antagonize the people that society's bullied
I'm not trying to be a hero
Just a guy with a hoodie
Trying to stretch the devil's lies and divide them like putty
And really...
I refuse to let it stand on the youth
And I'm a loser just because I'm not a friend of your group
We're insecure because we care about what some people think
And I'm boring since I'm trying to drop and crush evil ways
And I really can't wait to see the day when I grow
Don't you ever try to tell me who I am
'Cause I know

No, society's the bully
That's the true enemy
I already know who I am
You don't have to tell

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