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No Solution
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No Solution

Poem By Tomas Medina

waiting, in mysterious wonder
the questions of my mind
unsolved...no solution
addiction to you keeps me here.
no cure for the pain to be alone
without you in my arms close to me
conceived pain without my sweet
pain to myself, hurt myself
still no help without you
the only cure is to be with you
alone with you, to see you
dreams and desires, wants and wishes
none can help if i cant be granted.
they sta as wushes and wants,
dreams and also only desires
to be with you grants all of these
i beg to no one
'please just let me be, with the only cure
my sweet, sweet divinity.'
its all before me now
the pain and torment reap at me
deep into the existence of myself
the worst it can ever be
or so i think the future is impossible to see
private, morbid, wicked, shameful thoughts
they all come so naturally
so common, yet so futile to the verry soul that sleeps inside of me
for the pain and suffering that comes with me
not being wit hthe only soul i wish to see
i want to feel the presence of you with me
but the hell of blasphemies come to me with ease
when your touch is rememerd to often
and not felt on me enough
and i beg to no one..
'please oh please, just let me be with the only cure...
my sweet, sweet divinity'

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