No Strings

Nothing written, nothing spoken or sung
But the poetry is there just the same
No recollection that a bell was ever rung
But tell that to my heart when you speak my name.
And midnight will never take you from me.
Free like the wind together, now we run,
Blind lonely years but now our eyes see
Our tears drying in the morning sun.

No moonlight or roses cling to cottage door
But memory paints a softer hue.
My guitar lies upon the floor
Unplucked, my tune still reaches you.
And every kiss you blew to me
Stolen by the breeze for eternity
Returned to my lips on morning new
With perfume only made for you.

No string quartet, fanfare or dulcet tone
But music fills the room just the same
No proof love strips us to the bone
I felt numb but then you came.
And bonded by love's power
Our stage lit by stars above
The mighty sea will cower
And never dare divide our love.
No promises at twilight
Our blood runs through same vein
We're holding hands with frostbite
But we are smiling in the rain.
No strings, no pupeteer
We dance so close, but free
No spotlight drew us here
It's by candlelight that we see.
And as the flowers wilt
Before the mountains fall
We'll know the love we built
Has seen us through it all.

by Kevin East

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Beautifully written - many fantastic lines in this -