(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Wasted Tales In A Wasted Time

Solitary night walks alone
With no hope, no desire;
Walking under no sky no shadows
Walking and walking; ks,

His last summer in the rain was forgotten
And so no summer has not become phenomenon;
Cavaliers cut off his head
Stirred all the footsteps to home;
A way from home.

Wasted tales in a wasted time,
Forbidden pain aroused withal
Spreading aroma; Ks,
Winded bird hides scar,
No tears cascade I had at all;
Perhaps, tears excessaround my eyes,
Perhaps, Sorrow excess around my heart.

Woe much to life,
Owe to life,
A frustrated unable crow at noon
Of cloudy -dark,
Nowhere, longing for nest with tender loving care; he finds,
It's stormy all the day of his fortune;
Stupid fortune breaks into thousand parts of pair.Ks,

How can sorrow and disasteryou deserve;
How can pain and grief you bear,
Little life?
Little life never understand to have a new life

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fantastic stuff! what more can i say. from the start to the end its just got it!
The silence after an argument eats away at sweetness doesn't it...I know that. I can't keep up silence for long, I have to talk and sometimes laugh about things. Laughter is the very best cure for hard words..... Ruthie