No Take Backs

The One thing I hate about life
there ain't no take backs
As soon as something bad happens
there ain't no play backs
Your trap with what you did
you gotta live with it
Your soul full of regret
it can make you sick
Makes some people jump off bridges
to end it quick
But if you do it like that
then the devil wins
Like saying words without the safety on
to somebody
Then they get hurt by your words
there ain't no saying sorry
No time machines to rewind it back
to the good times
Your stuck in the twilight zone
you can't believe your eyes
Yea I've been through it all and I fall daily
These times we need prayer
cuz only God can save me
We have to appreciate the happy moments
it's gone like that
Cuz it could all change for the worse
there ain't no take backs


by Akeem Mair

Comments (3)

There are no take backs in life. True words. Great write
I wish we all would take a few seconds before acting or saying something, because you're right, there are no take backs
Very true words Akeem. Thank you for sharing