No Tears.....No Tears

Poem By Patricia Stone Guynn

Defenseless voices, so tiny they cannot speak,
and despondent protesters cry out, so weak.
Unable to defeat the death demons of earth,
For millions of little ones, there is no birth.

Their future is denied. There is no tomorrow.
I weep for the loss of life, Oh...what sorrow!
Wonderful, unique futures shall never unfold.
Special talents and gifts, we shall never behold.

They shall never hear a nightingale sing,
or behold a butterfly on gossamer wing.
They shall never see majestic eagles in flight,
nor the silvery moon shining on snow of white.
No beauty shall they behold or touch, no gladness,
no tears of joy or mirth, no tears...of sadness.

Never to bask in the warmth of a loving embrace,
or experience the thrill of running the race.
No tears for failure, success, doubts or fears,
for they shall never weep, no tears, no tears
No chance to smell a rose or touch the thorn.
No tears, no tears, for they shall never mourn.
I grieve for them, for they shall never weep.
Cradled in the arms of the angels, they sleep.

I weep for humanity. Our society is diminished.
The death warriors invaded. It is now finished!
Bereaved by the tragic loss of their love, I mourn,
for millions of little ones, the souls unborn.

There are no reflections of their unique faces.
Heartache! heartache! Emptiness, fill the spaces.
Precious babes lost to this waning world, forever.
Yet their images are engraved, never to be erased,
.............NEVER, NO NEVER...............

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