No Tears To Cry

You were the spirit in my life
Like a flame burning bright
You showed me who I was
You showed me what we could be

I cried all the time
But not a tear in your eyes..
leaving everything, you went away
Leaving me behind alone
You weren’t yourself that night
And with you leaving in the middle of the night
I thought I wouldn’t survive

Now that you’ve come
I can’t take you back
It was you who cheated
And I thought something was my fault.
No tears are left to cry again
I have no will to see you again
I have no guarantee to trust you again
I have no place for you in my life
You are a lie
For you, I have no wish to cry

by shruti modi

Comments (5)

A nice poetic imagination, Shruti. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
i wrote this one as i saw a movie wich really touched me...i love this poem.
A good poem with a message of taking life as a game and playing it with full courage leaving behind what has gone past by learning your mistakes from it........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
Love is a game of gain and pain........sometimes we win and loose, but love will stay forever in everyones hearts. good writes Shruti! ! keep writing!
To love God To love mom To love dad To love bloods To love body To love soul Love has many colours like nature. A poet or a painter has limitations to compose or paint it. Thanks Shruti for your emotions.