No Thank You! !

I try........., ,
To be the statue you want me to be,
To be the colour u box me in,
To be this gender, a subservent girl
one who will subject herself to anything
to please 'man' and render him.... king.

At the end of the day i look in the mirror,
Myself i cannot see..........
only a distorted figure of who i am
and who you try to mold me into.

My eyes which used to be blue
My hair that was once beautiful ebony,
Now 'died' by streaks of scarlet.
My volumtious curves that once existed
gives way to a body of...... bone

My man beats the crap out of me,
treats me like dirt,
All he does, day in, day out is just hurt!
Yet..... you tell me to stay,
to love, honour and to cherish
till......... death do us part.

Sorry but you got it wrong,
Just as you did me
Coz i sure as hell, dont remember
getting married............., saying vows
you try force, into my mind.

So as of this moment
I am taking a stand
I will not be your subservient b*tch no more,
As of this moment I am me!
Take your crap and just shove it!
coz i aint takin it no more.
NO thank you! ! ! !
Now please move on and leave me alone.

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