No Thank You Indeed! 3.30.2009

Poem By Margaret Alice

Oh, infinite joy and brilliant excitement of life,
after passing the work-on-hand test I am to
be rewarded by the lovely promise of testing
the NWU program this afternoon, quite
irrelevant that I don’t know what it means

We can also donate blood on the first floor –
I’ve lost my taste for that gory job when fainting
after a blood-donating-marathon, singing in the
choir I just fell down, the evil maestro continued
his sound recording without stopping

Until the song was done – I’ll bleed to death
happily if they can’t find blood for me, how on
earth are we supposed to die if it is forbidden
to bleed to death, to crash, to contract a
marvelous disease that will exonerate us

From horrible duties and awful activities, no
diabetes, no heart failure, no cancer, no Aids,
all of us growing grumpier with aches and
pains – yet kept alive by modern medical
technology? No thank you indeed!

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Good write Margaret...thank you Fi 10+

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