TTO ( / Washington State)

No Thanks To Your Heavy Metal

In the brilliance of the full moon
We are taken
..........Down yesterdays lane
Spit on and abused - soiled and used
Oh so saturated with yesterdays pain;

It had been an unwelcome greeting
We were totally unprepared for this view
Surprised by your angry eyes & up and down high's
Your bitterness on our tongue's from your heavy metal brew;

I know that we will survive your wickedness
With cooperation of the full moon & noon day sun
Now armed to the hilt - in a refuge God has built
We're more confident - when the day is done;

For there is no more dread of the dusk to come
At last, we will be safe in our own skin
We will fight your darkness to the end & all
...........................evil spells you send
For this battle is ours to win;

August 18, 2016

**Mad Hatter Disease
** Quick Silver
** Mercury
** Lead
** Arsenic
** Mercury Vapor
** EPA
** Hair, blood, and urine samples

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