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Poem By Yaritza Florencio

I always know what I want to say
And I always know it won’t come out that way
But to tell you everything is a sublime aim
I don’t want to say were forever cause’ that’s a time frame

Trust me I know what to do when I hear you sighing
But like if there’s snow, I’m going slow, learning to live like I’m dying
Tomorrow. It’s over before we know it.
Not hiding behind sorrow. Promise you won’t quit

On me. Let me see and let me say what I want to say
Let me be. You don’t see the times when I don’t stray
Away. And I know what you want me to do
Moving toward, something inside me that everyone thinks is new

But it’s not. And I know why you think that’s me.
And you know how I look but I don’t always see
Love. Is a state of willing bliss by design
Luck is just fate, wanting to keep you in line

On your road. Where there’s obstacles that seem legit
On my road, wandering am I by your road or on it

You don’t understand, and I can’t explain it right.
Or any better than with a poem with no theme
Just sit back, be my light.
And enjoy the rhyme scheme.

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