No There Is No Blueprint

No there is no blueprint to follow,
Anyone gets to live a life done to do.
And no notes to be taken to study.
With a hope to pass each test to face.
Life to live without mistakes to make,
Or prepared to know...
What those mistakes made will be,
Would not be life but a sitting to wish...
For love, happiness and success to get,
Without experiencing...
Heartbreak, sorrow, anguish and some pain.
To then dry eyes from tears to still remain,
Uncomplaining about struggles to overcome.
There is no blueprint to follow.
And if there was,
There would be many seeking assistance.
With questions to ask,
Which directions to take to avoid a sweating...
Through tasks they determine too difficult.

'Is it possible you can help me? '

~To do what? ~

'Live my life.
Not 'now'.
But when time you have been given,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

No, Lawrence. S. Petillar, , there are lots of blue prints in life to follow to be in the constant state of happiness with out any external stimulants, though we have the choices, which may be hundreds in number, end of the day the pain, sorrow and other emotions are the same...Hereby, I humbly request you to read Rig Veda and the Upanishads to understand the deeper meaning of life.. You are such a wonderful poet and I thank you sincerely...
Wonderfully envisioned meaningful and thought provoking poem. There is no blue print for living life and that is good. One must take life in it's stride and unpredictability is it's spice that makes it colorful and charming. Thanks for sharing.10 points.