(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Time To Comprehend

People reluctant to listen.
And take no time to comprehend,
Are often the ones...
To tell the same unchanges stories,
About something to them done...
As if in the doing,
A healing to mend is being overcomed.

A listening to comprehend for some,
Seldom resolves in continued misunderstanding.
Yet many today are afraid to admit,
Their mental conflicts are self inflicted.
Although in their minds there is a comfort they find,
With a staying limited that appeals they wish reveals...
Them to be 'down-to-Earth'.

'Take us to your leader.
Whomever it is to leave a serious message to address.'

Aint nobody around here impressed, okay?
No matter how far out and weird your disguises.
You've come to the wrong neighborhood.
We live here to be down to Earth.
If you want to be perceived as different,
You will have to go somewhere else.
You wont find anyone here into Science Fiction.
Although I must say...
The special effects you use are amazing.
Who's directing this?
Steven Spielberg? ~

Is 'this' your leader? '

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