(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Time To Expose Old Wounds

Not impressed am I by those,
Who drag wherever they go...
Their exasperated aspirations.
As if an experience they have initiated,
Requires an announcement...
With attention meant to receive and get.

Where are those who chose their paths to take,
With the understanding this is the choice they make.
And who and what is being influenced,
By listening to every complaint and heartache.
Those moving forward have no time to expose old wounds.
Or express their agitations to create an atmosphere of gloom.

I use to believe those who succeeded were lucky in life.
But more and more I comprehend,
Anyone wishing to achieve...
Do it while sacrificing and with much discipline that ignites.
And doing it alone on their own as it is meant to be.
Away from those who gripe and whine in moans that drone,

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