(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Time To Find Minds Ignorant

Demons seem to always find a way,
To take what is understood...
And campaign amongst those,
Already accepting confusion to feed upon...
With a soliciting that advocates ignorance.
To prove in the doing...
Comprehending to understand anything,
For those determined to remain conscious...
A doing of this quickly diminishes conflicts,
By using common sense.

And common sense used to end conflicts,
Would mean those with demonic intentions...
To exploit with an interest to advocate and solicit,
Would have no other purpose or reason to exist.
Leaving those choosing common sense to comprehend,
Without a dependency on conflicts sought to exist.
With it acknowledge to live with common sense,
Comprehended as part of a peaceful life to live...
Those who are demons would have no time to find minds,
Ignorant enough to pay them attention to feed this 'need'.

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