(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Time To Waste

Once I had been told,
By a teacher many years ago.
Something that has stayed,
In my memory to never forget.
And it was this:

'If ever you come,
To think of yourself as being...
Better than anyone else.
That thinking to do will only prove,
There is something they've got...
You wish you had.
But don't.
Since those who spend,
Time finding ways...
Doing it to better themselves,
Can find no time to waste.
Trying to prove or validate it.
And in your case,
I suggest strongly...
Staying away from being humiliated,
May become the best asset...
You have to rely on.'

And I thought...
Am I being told,
Talking less and listening more...
To comprehend lessons taught,
Will benefit in the improvement...
Of my low grades?

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