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“Joyful Heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love.”
By contemplation, the soul draws directly from being locked in pain.
Suffering is nothing by itself.

I bring myself to a high extent of greatness before I was drawn to such loneliness.
Somehow, I wonder why we always greed to bring pain to other’s success.

Haste yourself before others claim to be who you are.
Imagine everyone dancing right before you tonight at the sight of our lives.
Stop forgiving those who attack your life filled with precious kinds.
Pain, pain, nothing but pain bringing ourselves down into the ground.
A flock of sounds showing each other waves of patterns throughout standards.
Listen to the breathing sounds of a poem speak for bringing thy one’s will.

Dear Pamela,
You are someone no different.
But you are someone who sees life sickening.
You are someone who can sing with his or her eyes and dance with their ears.
You have been loved into existence by someone.
The answer to all the dissatisfaction and unrest you experience everyday is to be found within your heart.
Someone who whispers to themselves, “Is it necessary to live like this? ”
The vision to which I cling to is asking me how can I believe.
Dear Pamela,
You are someone no different.
But you are someone who sees life sickening.
I always ask God for answers but he never gives me answers so God is the cancer.
God is a verb we cannot act upon.
I see myself as a new enemy because when I was about 13, I started to think that it would be cool to be an intellectual.
Not that I knew anything, but I could not overhear people’s thoughts as they passed by.
So I must be an actor as I staged my cries.
Dear Pamela,
Why do you always walk down a church aisle looking for something deep beneath the waters to come in?
You do not hold your breath as you drown out your esophagus.
Just stop worrying about all the little unnecessary things in life.
Don’t you feel stupid?
Always thinking that you are alone when there is actually always someone willing to help you.
So what else is there to say to myself…?

by Pam Eszpnal

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