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No Title 2
AS (may 27 1989 / detroit)

No Title 2

Poem By aron seyar

scoop me up
and take me away
from this mess.
i'm just so tired,
won't you sing me to sleep.
blow tiny bubbles of sound
and ease the pain we share.
we dance around in circles
and suppose,
but the secrets and shame
sit in the middle and know.
we were.
we still are, but
in looking at you, i only see
your white teeth
and the forced animation of
your smile.
communication lacks.
if we are true,
we'd look overlook our failures and
tolerate our successes.
communication scares us.
it's good to be scared
but we're so afraid to show ourselves,
so neither does.
we put on a show
and go back to out old lives
at midnight.

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