JS (1/1/94 / space)

No Title But Please Read

Im stepping out of the dark and in to the light
so u can see wat u've done to me

u will see tears of blood and
the bruise u gave me

If only u knew how many night I sat
and cry over u

If only u knew how much i want this to work
I love u very very much, like words cant even explain
how much I love u, but u dont feel the same way
so Im stuck with the pain

The pain of u not feeling the same way
and breaking my heart slowly but very painful

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Comments (8)

wow...... i don't know what to say
beautifully written...sounds like what just happened to me!
This poem is really sad but completely awesome. I like the way you portray your emotions.
nicely written.....sry u have felt these emotions at such a young age......your heart will bend....'i promise' Brian
Something most ppl go thru, the only difference is u wer able 2 articulately write it as a poem... Keep writing Jazmine ur work is realy gd.
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