No Title For E. E. Cummings

I see the tear-filled eyes and it strikes me, touches my heart, but quickly
Someone comes to mind and the question arises again, 'Is it her again? '
I look at you from the corner oy eye and see how you wipe away the tears.
It's obvious, I shouldn't have seen them...I know they are not for me.

My heart pounds rapidly, skips a beat,
The sensation of losing you to the vivid image of her
Rattles the silent fear I endure each time I see that look in your eye.
It's the look of regret, loss, wanting-it-all-back again.

It's never mentioned, it's always wondered...
It's always lurking in my heart
I always carry your my heart.
I want you to carry mine.

E. E. Cummings wrote such delicate words
That shattered my husband's world
Yolanda Bonica wrote several words, too
To which he said, 'Such sad words.'

Guess he never saw nor felt my heart
With every breath I inhale and exhale quietly
Still awaits patiently for him to express
His inner soul to me, the one woman who loves him so deeply.

I feel so much, but I can't say anymore
Rather cry silently alone and hope for his real true love for me one day.
Perhaps he'll surprize me and really ask me to marry him
And just assume it was understood at our wedding.

I saw the tear-filled eyes...and I cried.
My heart skips a beat, wondering...wanting...hoping
To be loved that much
But I do very well, you see...I do very well.

by Catherine Bishop

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Human relationships are complicated indeed. Lovely poem.