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I remember a time filled
with bliss
A time that I will
always miss
We were together, just you
and me
That time has
quickly passed
I thought our friendship would
always last
Now I'm trapped and falling to
my doom
I can see my godforsaken end,
I can see it loom
I need you
I need you to brush away
my every tear
And now I realize, I'm falling
for you
Even I can't believe that
it's true
So save me now before
I die
Save me, before I heave
my last sigh

by I wi11 p0\/\//\/z3r j00 133715cool

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I hope this is just a poem. My first girlfriend had the same name as you do, Katia Mikulak, I used to call her Katy. I don´t know you but I do hope this poem is not the way your feelings about love and live are.
How bout.. 'Lost without you'
How about... You are always next to me, as a title/what do you think?
I liked it and to let you know it was good.
Okay, how about this for a title: 'My Unoriginal Losing Entry In the Sixth-Grade Poetry Contest'