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i'm so close to letting go
its like I'm already dead
i cant handle another set back
curled up crying in my bed

but I'm sat here crying alone instead
wondering how to end my life
people say its ok think positive
but they don't live my daily strife

its a battleship its a war
when all I get is being put down
i'm like a poor child with no food
fed up so low with a frown

putting on another sad song
leads me down a cold horrible place
ive been hear too many times before
its like being hidden behind my face

some steady words from a friend
can help for just one moment
but one moment isn't enough
when my whole life depends on it

what do I do I don't know
when I try my best and I don't succeed
when I get what I want from others
but not from the people I need

i don't think ill ever be ok
i don't think ill ever mend
people will just walk past me
and a smile I will pretend

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I can relate to your poem, and feel your words. Thank you for sharing. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
I can Identify with your strong message. It was nicely poetic. I'm sure it rings true with many today. I'll take this moment to rate it pretty good, at least. If it is personal, keep reaching out.