AM (12/31/1961 / Gallipolis Ohio)

No Turning Back

Fantasy, reality - never to get away,
Resistance, force - the law of all things

Hide, seek - to us just a game,
Pagan, Christian - who takes the blame

Friend, enemy - the face of death,
Build, destroy - a tear for the child.

Hatred, sympathy - the sky turns black,
Questions, no answers - no turning back.

Rich, poor - does it really matter,
Fire, water - no way to escape

Alpha, omega - no one under segregation
Peace, war - out of desperation.

Life, death - can I really go on,
Tower, wither - green to brown,

Damnation, salvation - never to be sure,
Yes, no - the end the only cure.

Tranquility, hostility - in all hearts rage,
Lies, truth - never to be heard.

Good, evil - the reaper takes them all,
Divided, united - all empires to fall

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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