(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Used Or Borrowed Love

No used or borrowed love,
Have I ever sat to wish...
From anyone to get.
Nor do leftovers sit in my mind,
To think I will find them delicious.

When I crave for a taste,
It stays that way until I am pleased.
No one determines for me,
My desires or wants.
Or what will satisfy my needs.

I can hunger for love.
But I am not desperate for it.
Too many disappointments I have known,
To have left me down in the dumps and tested.

I can hunger for a kiss.
And remember the hugs and touches,
I once did get.
To take when I had been much younger,
For granted.
But no used or borrowed loved,
Do I wish to value this.
As I grow older to age.

No matter who perceives I will believe,
What they want to share with me...
I deserve to be served what they have kept,
Preserved, protected and untouched.

Neither one of us is a virgin! '

~I'm talking about 'my' expectations.
Not a point you want to make.~

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