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No Wasted Heartbeats
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

No Wasted Heartbeats

What if we are all born with
a predetermined number of heartbeats
and when they're gone,
we're gone?

Just in case it's true,
I'm not going to waste mine
running down some road
in silly spandex pants and a jog bra.

I'm going to make my
thumping little tickets stretch
to as many years as I can
... especially since at my age,
I've used up so many of them
just getting here.

I'll spread them out,
save them for what's important,
like running away from
something or someone bad.

I also intend to use a lot of them
for making love.
If life really is a journey
and not a destination,

I might as well enjoy myself
along the way...

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Comments (2)

Amen, sister! I've often wondered this myself. Being a registered nurse I can tell you that I've seen strapping young men in their 30s that jog 15 miles a day come in with heart attacks, so I agree - enjoy life to the fullest and live each day - each MOMENT as if it were your last. S
Welcome back, CJ! Not absent for sad reasons I hope. Worthwhile thought (he said, damp under the armpits from the thought...) and beautifully delivered. Best wishes for the rest of your tickety-boo...