No Way Forward

Like a shadow cast on the floor.
With no reputation is trampled upon
The ants by the hoppers,
are trodden
'Cause on this spherical ball they have no name'.
But with all cause, maintain a dimple on their face
How shameful we speak of the smiling sun
while he radiates his scourging rays
And our skin burn.
Rise to dawn, the ants at work
While at an end the hoppers wait for the outcome

Now the reverse is the case!
With their strength together
they raise the hopper to his place.
As the sun shines and sets
It leaves a crater between the sets
For the ants no way forward
Because a step further, in a dry artesian well!

With life gained, the hoppers sit and smile
With so much pain, the ants mourn for a while
But as maybe the case
The two will inherit one place.

by uchenna nnodum

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