No Way Out

Poem By Chel sea

A little girl hiding under the table
Trying to get away from the beating
But before she knows it, he rips the cable
And beats her until she starts bleeding
She woinders what she did wrong
To deserve what's been going on for 11 years
She wonders wht she's the one
To deserve all that's been done, through tears

She sees no way out
She's always scared
'Cause she doesn't know when he'll freak out
She hears him walking
She's always afraid
To open up and start talking

She begs for him to stop and spare her life
While being thrown into a cold wall
He keeps going and causing more strife
She says 'I love you' right before her last fall
She then realizes she's done nothing wrong
To deserve all that's been going on for 11 years
She know's she's not the only one
To deserve all that's been done through years

As she lays dying on the floor
She thanks her Jesus for putting it to an end
But YOU don't have to go through this anymore
Tell someone, get help so it won't happe to you again

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