No Where Left To Fall

Poem By jess schwarcz

Into blackness I was falling,
Only for you I was calling.
No one was there to ever see.
Nobody was there to help me.

Hope of a good life was fading.
I’m sick of this long waiting.
So why don't I just die right now?
The only question is how?

I hope you will remember me.
'Member what you could never see.
That night, for you I was calling.
That night, I’d finally stop falling.

Not getting any better was my fear.
Everyday there was a tear.
About me, nobody cared.
Care? Nobody ever dared.

Suffering was my everyday.
So what was I supposed to say?
'Yeah I’m doing just great.'
For my classes, tear-faced and late.


Just me, nobody thought about.
To ever change, it was a doubt.
This was me my last few year
My suicide was your biggest fear.

But it happened late one night
I had to. Had to stop the fight.
False belief was there when I’d say,
'The pain is here everyday.'


Now I don't have to go through pain,
Even sit through my very own rain.
My life could have been straightened out,
That I had never thought about.


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