No Where To Run And No Where To Hide.

I have no where to run.
And bludy nowhere to hide.
Keep on running it'll only find me in the end.
It will come back and get me as soon as I dont run.
Got to keep on running.
It will leave you be for a while.

With no where to hide.
And nowhere to run.
What you going to do now?
It wont leave you alone.
It wants to leave you for dead.
It dont want you to have a head.
It wants to bring you down.

Cos you've nowhere to run.
And nowhere to hide.
Cos it wants you dead.
It will keep rearing its ugly head.
Untill it has you dead in bed.

When you gonna face it.
You'll never be strong enough.
To beat this demon of death.
It will always win.
No point in running it will get you again.

by Amy Kerswell

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