(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No Wish To Fill A Vacancy

How did I stop what?
As Long as I live and breathe...
Doing 'that' by anyone today,
You can say is an impossibility.
I have stopped seeking aggravation.
And sharing with others,
Headaches they could not wait
To dump updated complaints to relate.
I've stopped sitting to get return calls...
I placed to those,
Who had forgotten I had called at all.

I have made myself number one on my priority list.
And no longer dismiss my own happiness.
That is probably what you now see in me!
An attitude I don't hestitate to give and leave...
In a belief I should please others I care about,
Who have shown me they could care less...
If I am down and out.
Or mugged or mauled,
As I lay half dead on one knee as I crawled.

There is nothing like being shown,
Who has what or who on their minds and when!
That removes wrinkles and stops a frown,
From taking up residency on my face and skin!
And that is probably what you see.
An absence of that.
With no wish to fill a vacancy!

'I 'hope' God reminds me to just say 'hello'
The next time I bump into you.
Have a great day!
And 'who' should 'we' thank...
That you have no 'ego' in the way? '

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