No yelling,

No yelling,
no screaming
no disagreements
you're not coming in here
my space is important to me
I like my space!
'oh no, not here'
no extra clothes in my closet,
no cooking on my stove
no dvd's in my dvd player,
no key to my door
you're not coming in here
I like my space,
oh no, not here

No kids,
that nice, mines are grown
I pay my own bills,
no where to go, you say,
that's not, my problem
i care though
i eat what i want, when i want
and also watch what i want on my tv.
I know whose hand the remote control is in!
I sleep in my whole bed
I don; t have a roomate,
oh no, not here
you're not taking over
i like my space, com

even got a website,
my favorite site,
i can write and be me,
so you can stay,
just for awhile,
sit down
a weekend, a night could be nice
you can date me,
party with me,
hang out,
but oh no,
you can not have my space
and good nite.

by Adrienne Clark Strachn

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Agree everyone needs My space!