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Noah's Rule

I’m going to tell you now about
the rule that Noah was the first
to understand. Without a doubt
it’s why we should expect the worst.

The people came to him and said:
“I’d like to see this God of yours, ”
because by Noah they’d been led
to think it never rains, but pours.
And Noah said: “You cannot see
this God of mine, as you have put it.
You must believe in His decree
which says the world will soon be flooded.”
“How can we know that you are serious? ”
they asked; “it seems that you are joking.”
“You’ll know God’s ways are most mysterious, ”
he said, “as soon as you start soaking.”
“At least you have to let us know
what He is called, ” the people cried.
He did not know, and they weren’t slow
to see this, which quite hurt his pride.
“Perhaps you’re blowing in the wind, ”
they said, and were as disbelieving
of God as Noah was thin-skinned,
beyond all hope of God’s reprieving.
“Why should we trust what you predict?
What is your record? ” they demanded.
There were no skeptics to evict
before the Flood left them all stranded.
None thought: “Perhaps the man is right;
let’s err now on the side of caution.”
Insurance felt to them not right:
they left him, taking no precaution,
because he could not give them facts,
and once it rained they all were drowned.
Before you understand, God acts:
that’s Noah’s rule––it’s quite profound.


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A dark Biblical tale entertainingly told. Love, Gina.