Raven: Hate Sorrow Fear Dove: Love Hope Happiness

nobody to love
nobody to hold
nobody to hug
you when your cold

nobody to kiss
no way to grin
after you've
done all those sins

nobody to hug
no way to love
you feel like a raven
instead of a dove

by Kami Henson

Comments (4)

The poem provides nice tender feelings. Very nice.
so sweet words from a sweet lovely girl.. who asks about a love and a warm hug.. and asks about a cares from a close one to give her a love taht she seeks for.. so amazing dear sweet girl.. yours.. hazem al.. keep up...
life sucks sometimes but one of these days it's gonna get better..
I like the flow, the wording. and the ending. It really kind of ties it up. Which is something that a lot of poems don't do. Very cool. Please feel free to read and comment on my works too. Thank you Rabbit