Poem Hunter
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


In the rushing, whirling vortex of people,
I stand, alone. Darkness, boiling upward,
From deep within me,
Leaving me blind.
But am I blind,
Or only in the dark?
For no one around me notices
My stumblings, as I go my way.
I need a hand, someone to reach out to me,
To guide me,
To hold me,
To tell me
I am somebody.
Somebody important,
If only to them.
But no such hope appears.
I am left alone,
A nobody amid the sea of sombodies.
You do not notice me,
But as you do not see me,
This only I ask-
Curse me not as you pass,
For I am in darkness.

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