TN (March 31,1990 / Connecticut)

Nobody But You

Just kill me...get it over with..
Stop holding me here...longing for this..
You let me let me die..
Alone without my side..
I love you so much...but you left me to rot..
We belonged together...thats what I thought..
Im sorry for what I did...please believe me..
Just been through so much...that left me bleeding..
Spending all this time...trying and wanting you back..
Doesnt seem to be your heart holding you back..
I hope theres a reason...besides the sex thing..
Do you not want to let me you look at me in shame..
I know that I cant get over stuff...thats why I keep writing you..
But you been so good about these things...never let it pour through..
So ive come to the conclusion that you never liked me..
We both been through alot...maybe you more than I..
Take it from this poem writer...because without you she would die..

by Tiara Neal

Comments (2)

Nice poem, It had a real good flow and a lot of feeling. Hope things turn out ok soon. From Rissa
wow, not to be rude but was that about you? ? its a very nice poem tho. I loved it