Nobody Cares

I've watched the tide recedes to it's majestic bed
Leaving behind a field of sand, as clean and white as sheet.
But yet before the darkness creeps upon the beach,
A shame for us to see a thousand ugly silhouettes. Those pampered little feet had left their trace,
Deep heavy footprints of almost any human race;
The web-footed birds, them too had left their marks,
Upon the sand just shortly before dark. And there you see a thousand twisted straws,
Those half-crushed paper cups, all rocking to and fro.
The empty beer cans left howling through the night.
Enough to scare the night owl out of sight. Yet, nobody cares.... the beach is in a mess,
Just like a neglected child,in a ragged tattered dress.
And when everyone is sound asleep;
The tide is up again to sweep.

by Simon P. Perez

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