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~*nobody Knows*~

Nobody Knows
That the glass I find in the yard from mama's bottles
Is what I use to help weaken the pain of life's daily troubles

Nobody Knows
That the love I longed for from daddy,
I now have to find in the arms' of various boys that care nothing about how I feel on the inside

Nobody Knows
The fear I encountered every time I heard the intoxicated monster knock on my bedroom door at night. Hoping that he would take back all those times he took out his rage, frustrations, and insecurities out on my helpless little body.

Nobody Knows
All the times he came in my room and told me how pretty I was. Then laid me on my bed and forced me to do what only grown- ups should; taking my innocence forever for a few minutes of pleasure for yourself

Nobody Knows the:

Nobody Knows
Where I go when I close my eyes and try to keep the tears from falling. The place where I no longer have to worry about who mama brings home tonight or whether or not daddy will come home without the company of his best friend, alcohol. The place where I know I'm safe and don't have to worry about unwelcome visitors breaking into my four-walled haven. The place where my thoughts are free and I am too.

by anonymous girlie

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So much pain this poem has is what I felt after reading this poem.