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Nobody Understands
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

Nobody Understands

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Nobody understands,
what I've been through.
My poetry isn't just poetry,
the feelings are true.

Nobody understands,
the pain I've had.
Every man in my life,
has hurt me bad.

Nobody understands,
what it's like to survive.
With no one caring,
if you're dead or alive.

Nobody understands,
how I can let my pain go.
And I can love and laugh,
with no hurt to show.

It's not that I don't hurt,
but my feelings I'm good at hiding.
Nobody understands,
but inside, I'm slowly dieing.

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Comments (3)

i know how u feel. i hide my emotions alot. mayb that's y im so stressed. always trying to please everyone
A lot of the time it does seem like nobody cares or understands. I know that feeling well, when you're all alone with the empty feeling in your heart and when every breath you take is a death wish. I've been there. You are not alone. The only way to fill that part of your life is with Jesus Christ. This is a very good poem. I think you would like some of my older ones like 'rain' or 'demons' check them out. I you would like to hear my testimony, message me and i'll get back with you. God saved me, He can save you too if you give Him the chance. **Jade**
often we must see one; with our mind and not our eyes. friendly faces; sometimes possess- un-friendly hands. taKE care.