Nocturnal Affairs Pt 2©

It is 12: 34am and as we both know nothing befitting ever takes place after midnight.
We burst through our double doors drenched in rain from an evening of cheap wine and moonshine.
I 'accidentally'
fall to my knees
pretending to search for my spectacles knowing good and goddamn well that I didn't wear them to the party because they didn't match the dress
that hugged my body so astutely.
Now before you on all fours,
Your wet ambition spurned me on.
Coercing me to I toot my ass HIGH in the air like a dog in HEAT.
thighs spread W I D E.
I'd forgotten to wear undergarments specifically for this moment.
You kneel behind me thrusting deep into my quivering body
as I moan and push back with all my weight into you
As time leaves us you feel me clench tighter with each plunge
Not caring that we're prone to pneumonia with the cold air blowing on us from outside
trying to keep you inside of me,
but my wetness lubricates you too well and I birth you but you refuse to let these hours of labor go to waste so you hold fast to my hips so I can't escape as you pull your rigid cock outward,
only to plunge back ever so deep and grunt.
You will not last much longer
but I will not let you have the gift of oscitance.
You can feel the pleasure
rising from your loins,
urging release in great spasms of pleasure.
Desiring to fill me with cum.
You can feel me trembling,
I inhale sharply and squeeze tightly over the edge into the abyss
You feel your own pleasure rise within, radiating outward from your cock head through pelvic muscles,
and up your spine,
before the first spasm ejects you cum deep into my wonderful pussy then slip your tongue sluggishly along the sluice of my
happy belated
thanking me for my efforts biding me a peaceful slumber.

by Tsbiyah Bat Yah

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