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Nocturnal Impulses
RC (8/3/89 / Fresno, CA)

Nocturnal Impulses

Poem By Rafael Cazares

Interactions and Distractions,
Sporadic static.
The Chaotic screams deafens
and drowns.
Firmed decisions brings along questions,
Chain reactions swallows time.
Bring me closer, fellow rhyme?

Across continents and many shores has fear
Manufactured children,
disciples of televised stories.
Subliminal manipulation, is cloaked and monitored
by scholars of swindling conceptions.
Illusions exploited by the keenest.
We meet the truth with Contempt.
The Mirror it brings, Sorrow,
Making it slightly foul for our mentality to Swallow.

Stationary, Frozen.
A Moment in Mind.
Scrutinize to Decide.
Warm pleasures. The finest,
residing Horrors of addiction.
Battles of Self-Restriction.
Vanity uprises.

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