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Nocturnal Passage

Night beckons.
A compulsion to prowl nocturnally, deep in the forest
Silent footsteps stealing through the night as the world sleeps.
Creeping through the dense, dark and heavy canopy of great trees
to the waters shimmering in the silver glow of moolight.

Phantoms of the night stir in the periphery.
Creatures of the night appearing and disappearing
like vapors of the mist that hang heavily in blankets
absorbing the rich, dark, scent of soil and foliage until the dawn.

We, creatures of the night, stealing mysteries of earth
while humanity slumbers benignly and unaware.

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Comments (2)

I can almost see some big cat slinking through the blackness of the night, silently, looking for its prey. You've used all five senses here, Corinne, to describe the forest at night. I like it..... Love, Fran xx
love the tone, of this. keep on SusxGLx