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Nocturnal Sounds

When sleep eludes me at night
And my mind floats aimless
Like a sail boat idle on the sea
When on my bed I lie staring vacant
At the pale moon that gleams,
A medley of sounds falls in my ears

I hear the chirp of cicadas, the screech of bats
The hooting of owls, the flutter of moths
The staccato notes of the crickets
And the shrill sonorous music of grass hoppers
Among these and the silence of the stars
The one sound that delights me most
Is the sound of the whistling Thrush
Her loud song cuts through the air
And mingles with the soft hush of leaves
Taking me to a lovely summer dream
Filling me with a peace, drowning all my pain

Hidden in the blanket of darkness
I am not privileged to see this beryl bird
To me, a Goddess of enchantment n' magic
My invisible companion of solitude!

Sometimes like a sweet secret
She emerges from the depth of a ravine
Sometimes she hides in the leafy coverage
Of a nearby poplar tree

Always she starts with a hesitant whistle
As though rehearsing her own art
However gaining confidence
And happy over her trial attempt
She soon bursts forth into fullthroated song
Creating such sweet vibes of warm feeling
And producing in me an instant healing

Nay, she sets my soul on fire
And swallows me whole
Creating in me an eternal longing
To hear her pour out that celestial melody
Staying at the far fringe of Heaven
To make me lose myself within myself
And slosh my soul in mad ecstasy!

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Comments (15)

this poem has a magical quality -in the choice of words in the metaphors: And my mind floats aimless Like a sail boat idle on the sea how does mind float? like an idle sail boat; there is a question and there is the answer. It is truly a lovely poem -you must have written this just when it was happening! I like the musical quality which makes it a pleasure to read. thanks for sharing!
There are half a dozen feeling on bird face expressed with one eye only., one is disappointment., sad surprise. wonderful poem.
One of the best poems by Valsa George who feels and then converts her feelings in poetry.
Companion. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Marvelous! This is the most beautiful and in depth elaboration of sound of nature heard in night. Only a great poetess like you can describe. Thank you for sharing such wonderful Poem.
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