Nocturnal Sounds

When sleep eludes me at night
And my mind floats aimless
Like a sail boat idle on the sea
When on my bed I lie staring vacant

by Valsa George Click to read full poem

Comments (15)

this poem has a magical quality -in the choice of words in the metaphors: And my mind floats aimless Like a sail boat idle on the sea how does mind float? like an idle sail boat; there is a question and there is the answer. It is truly a lovely poem -you must have written this just when it was happening! I like the musical quality which makes it a pleasure to read. thanks for sharing!
There are half a dozen feeling on bird face expressed with one eye only., one is disappointment., sad surprise. wonderful poem.
One of the best poems by Valsa George who feels and then converts her feelings in poetry.
Companion. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Marvelous! This is the most beautiful and in depth elaboration of sound of nature heard in night. Only a great poetess like you can describe. Thank you for sharing such wonderful Poem.
Only nature can inspire such a write lights up the heart and make the day bright Thanks Valsa-10
A well penned visual feast that communicates a feeling of well-being and peace Valsa. Beautiful....10
Wowww. beautiful, beautiful. Night brings sounds that are not audible in the daytime. The sleepless nights would be unbearable would it not be for these chirpy fellows. A sensuous write that appeals to all our senses. A plus!
If the translation of ''thrush''given by the lexicon is right, i have to suppose that there may be a kind of thrush in India that whstles in nights too, dear lady.Is there? Beautiful is the whole scenary although it talks for scenes in the darkness of night!
WOW. A wonderful wonderful poem, Valsa. A great write. Beautiful imagery ' chirp of cicadas', 'staccato notes of the cricket' 'whistling thrush' 'beryl bird'.......... idyllic peace filled summer dream, culminating in: ....swallow me whole ............................................ To make me lose myself within myself One of the few wonderful poems I have read for some time past.
Songs of birds produce instant healing of the soul. With keen observation and careful choice of words, you composed a poem of great beauty. Thank you.
I liked the hide and seek part of it, life plays the same game so do the nature and every bit of relations. Lovely poem, night life and the dark part always fascinates me. Thanks for sharing.
~~I love the sounds of the night and I loved this poem. Well done. May a thrush grace your every night
Nay, she sets my soul on fire And swallows me whole Creating in me an eternal longing To hear her pour out that celestial melody losing myself within myself.... lost in ecstasy...... very great poem. i am adding it in my favourite......thank you dear prof.. dev.
To hear her pour out that celestial melody Staying at the far fringe of heaven To make me lose myself within myself And slosh my soul in mad ecstasy! Awesome narration of emotions and feelings in the concluding part of a beautifully envisioned poem. Thanks for sharing.