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Day's end brings a gentle breeze like the touch of a lover's hand
I stop and listen to the sounds as shadows lengthen on the land.
I hear the laughing children as they wander home from play,
Content with all the magic hours that have filled their day.
Homebound traffic on a nearby road, weary workmen passing by,
A baby's fretful crying, soothed by a mother's lullaby;
An owl calling, the murmur of birds settling in for the night,
Chirping crickets, and a lone whippoorwill's last evening flight;
The melancholy whistle of a passing railroad train
That seems to send a welcome message of impending rain;
Church bells ring the Vesper Hour in the village square,
The tinkle of wind chimes falls softly on the evening air.
The sky is swiftly turning from crimson and gold to gray,
And so the book of life is closing upon another day.
Memories come rushing in of other times and other places,
Of old friends long gone and dearly remembered faces.
To me the end of life is just the closing of another day,
Blest by all the things once loved and cherished along the way.
The sights and sounds around me in this prelude of the night
All blend together in a coda on the joyous symphony of life.

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