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Noetic Spirit
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Noetic Spirit

Poem By Bill Grace

There is another spirit that claims us
At least if we are not on our guard,
It will convince us by every psychological means
To buy and buy and buy and that numbers hold the truth.

Yet we feel, having everything, something is missing.
Saint Augustine has a great clue for us:
'Our hearts are restless till they rest in thee.'
God's spirit so different than noetic spirit.

Noetic spirit, Goebbels understood it well
Commissioned Riefenstahl to help consolidate
The fuhrer's power. A day of national mourning
When the Army was lost at Stalingrad.

Our spiritual pverty is in our prevalent theology
Not how many angels on the head of a pin
But our love of the car in the drive way
Or a thousand other idols, some I would be ashamed to name.

Noetic spirit has changed our land, our land the world.
Television may be the great herald of its coming.
I do not know an exact point of divide.
Sacrifice a word known only to our soldiers.
The man in the film said: 'Plastic! '

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