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Poem By lucas shakespere

Silence, to allow silence in the gap between
One word and the next, the shamed
Silence of a hunched up back drinking
Coffee over there, so aware of her mutations
She resists the babble and in a bubble
Of her own space sits, trying not
To be noticed, silence of not being
Noticed, the silence of shame, my
Inner space where I am ashamed
Comes into bud and in the blackness
A violet lilly unfolds its petals, there
The noise is not heard as if a
Barrier were around the inside of my
Head seperating the brain from the mind,
For it is always quiet inside, the
Shame of deformity, the silence of shame.

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Nice one - I liked the line about the mind and brain being seperate... and the way it went from third person to first person... eloquent poem, i like it